Libstech has moved – already!

Unfortunately WordPress does not support some type of software that we have to use for our course blog.  So we all have to use Blogger.  That means my lovely new WordPress blog is moving already – to

That’s kind of a shame.  I’ve only just started with WordPress and so far I like what I see and have used. Hopefully I’ll be back to WordPress one day, either on this blog or another.


It’s a Book

This book trailer video promotes a children’s picture book called It’s a Book by Lane Smith. It was one of the most popular picture books added to our school library last year, especially among the 8-11 year olds who understand the message and humour in it. And despite some reviewers (on thinking that kids won’t get it they do. They understand the message that despite all the fun of electronic gadgets and gizmos sometimes there is still no better fun than reading a book.

Interestingly the last word in the book has been omitted from the final sentence in the trailer. The word “jackass” caused a bit of controversy apparently among some adults who think it is inappropriate for a children’s book. But I think it’s a clever end and it would be like finishing a joke without the punchline if it were left out. Sure, the children thought it was a little bit naughty, but when I explained that a jackass is another word for a male donkey as well as a fool they saw the connections with the character in the story and thought it was even more funny.

Libstech – what and why?

I’m trying out WordPress for my new blog.  This will be more of a professional blog than my personal one and will relate to my university studies focusing on libraries and digital technology.  Hence the name libstech.